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  • Cleaned and coded data
  • Standardized taxonomy
  • US and global data

The Data We Work With Every Day

Expanded Grantmaker Profiles
11 Million+
Organizations That Received Funding
250 Billion +
Dollar Value of Grants
Free Tool to Explore The Data

Foundation Stats

The most comprehensive resource freely available for generating tables and charts on the size, scope, and giving priorities of the U.S. foundation community.

Foundation Data: Foundation Stats

Custom Data Solutions

If you're starting a project that requires trusted data about philanthropy, we can provide the data you need, in the form you need it.

Data Licensing

Every year, funders, philanthropy networks, consultants, and researchers license our data for their projects.
Examples include:

Five years of grants data to examine trends in foundation funding for rural areas in the U.S.

Background information and tables for a report on environmental giving.

Multiple data sets on international giving for an annual report on global giving.

Our APIs put grant data at your fingertips. Quickly and easily pull data on who else is funding your grantees by incorporating our data into your internal systems.

We build APIs that allow you to pull our data into grants management software,  such as Fluxx, Foundant, foundationConnect, and MicroEdge, as well as other applications or websites.

Custom Data Searches

We can run custom searches of our data according to your specifications. These searches can help you prepare a report for your board, identify funding partners, investigate possible new areas of funding activity, or identify potential grantees.

Common searches include summary financial data tables, recipient or foundation rankings, and grant distribution patterns.

If you need customized data, you're in the right place. Let us help you make your story powerful.

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About the Data

We have developed broadly adopted standards that accurately reflect the work of the global philanthropy community.

Philanthropy Classification System

A taxonomy of philanthropy, our classification system describes the work of grantmakers, recipient organizations, and the philanthropic transactions between those entities, capturing and indexing the work of the sector on a global scale.

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GeoTree Geographic Classification Tool

Developed by Foundation Center's geographers, GeoTree is a geographic classification tool that enables grantmakers to apply Geographic Area Served coding to their giving data, as well as serving as a geographic taxonomic standard and reference tool for the field.

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Foundation and Grant Data Processing

What We Do With the Data

  • Collect
  • Clean
  • Code and Index
  • Share
We collect data from the IRS, through our e-reporting program, and in the cultivation of special data sets. Our new data management system provides us with the capacity to process over 2,000,000 grant records annually.
Data are validated and normalized as they are entered into the system. We have virtually eliminated hand-keyed data entry.
The data we collect are coded in an automated process with review by data experts. The automated coding process is trained for accuracy with a supervised machine learning model.

Publishing of data to our products, like Foundation Directory Online, Foundation maps, and custom data visualization websites is faster than ever before.

Share Your Data

Contribute to the social sector. Make your data transparent. 

Commit To Sharing

Participants in the Reporting Commitment agree to make grant information available to the public at least quarterly in machine readable, open format and coded to a geographic standard (GeoTree).

Share Your Profile And Activities

Online tool that allows your philanthropic organization to communicate and update your organizational profile and programmatic information.

Share Your Grants Data

Quickly and easily share useful grants data with the field, via either the eGrant or hGrant reporting formats.

ABOUT Foundation Data

What Data Can Inform Your Efforts?

Foundation Center aggregates and enhances data on behalf of the field so that individual organizations don't have to build their own data sets from scratch. We make foundation and grants data available in an accessible and highly visual format through our APIs and data visualization platforms, and license data that we have cleaned, coded, and standardized for use by other organizations in analysis, reports, and tools. We also build custom APIs for pulling our data into a foundation's grants management software and other applications.

If you're starting a project that requires trusted data about philanthropy, please contact us. We may have what you need or can work with you to find it. For more detailed information about the sources of data used in our work, please see our Data Sources page. 


Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services are data-driven tools and content-rich platforms developed by Foundation Center for funders and their networks, consultants, advisors, and grantees.

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