Education is one of the largest funding areas within the philanthropic sector.

Foundation Landscapes: Education

About the Project

Education is one of the largest program areas within the philanthropic sector. On average, U.S. foundations dedicate over 20 percent of overall grantmaking to education-related purposes annually. This funding supports a multitude of priorities including public school reform, STEM education, parent and family engagement, and college and career readiness.

Foundation Landscapes: Education conveniently collects information from across Foundation Center’s websites to put the tools, data, and knowledge funders need at their fingertips so they can quickly scan the landscape and make strategic decisions. The website’s reports, news, statistics, and resources are also useful for educators, policymakers, and others invested in improving education worldwide.

Foundation Landscapes is a service of Foundation Center. Foundation Landscapes: Education was developed with the generous support of the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and has replaced the former Foundations for Education Excellence website.